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Terraform is an open source interactive height field generation and manipulation program, giving you the ability to generate random terrain and transform it. Terraform runs under Linux and other UNIX systems under the X11 Windowing system. It uses the Gtk+ widget set and thus has a (more or less) consistent graphical user interface which doesn't require use of the command line.

Terraform allows you to generate random terrain using a number of algorithms and then selectiveley change the terrain using a variety of transformations. Where possible, the transformations provide a real-time preview, giving you instant feedback on the effect of any parameter changes.

Recent News

  • 13 March 2000 -- version 0.6.5 released: source code is now const correct, lots of fixes, started writing code properly integrate the Place Object routine, better OpenGL rendering.

  • 05 March 2000 -- version 0.6.4 released: added multi-level undo, migrated to Gtkmm 1.1.9 + a few minor fixes. Also, terraform sources have been tagged to be used with doxygen which allows you to generate class documentation from the program sources.

  • 27 February 2000 -- version 0.6.3 released: 2 new generation modes (recursive diamond & 4-layerd Perlin noise) as well as a few minor bugfixes. Also, terraform has now moved to www.sourceforge.net; and has a project page here ; the terraform website is here ;

    Click here for the SourceForge

  • 14 February 2000 -- version 0.6.2 released: many minor GUI bug fixes, fixed a flexarray bug and added code from the Leveler plug-in.

  • 7 February 2000 -- version 0.6.1 released: GUI code is now complete and menu sensitivity works again. POVRay rendering has been improved and an export to the GIMP has been added.

  • 31 January 2000 -- version 0.6.0 released: GUI code has been upgraded to use Gtk-- 1.1.8. It's quite possible that it's buggy. If you prefer stability over bleeding edge, you're better off staying with 0.5.2.

  • 17 January 2000 -- version 0.5.2 released: pushed back the move to Gtk-- 1.1.7 in order to get out this fix release. Fixed a few bugs, completed the render options dialog and added the --large flag.

  • 10 January 2000 -- version 0.5.1 released: added code to support more flexible and better quality POV renderings of Height Fields. Also fixed a bunch of annoying bugs.

  • 20 December 1999 -- version 0.5.0 released: some more internal consistency code changes and support for internationalization. If you speak a language other than English well, it would be very cool if you could add a translation. See the README.i18n file for details.

  • 05 December 1999 -- version 0.4.8 released: major code cleanup: probably every file has been touched, interfaces have been formalized and cleaned up, unnecessary dependencies removed and naming conventions are now applied in a more consistent manner.

  • 29 November 1999 -- version 0.4.7 released: improved contour line to postscript output, added export to ACAD file format, better print dialog (which is still a bit incomplete/buggy), fixed a sneaky Failed Sanity Check.
    Also, put up a Projects page.

    Click here for the OpenGL

  • 18 November 1999 -- version 0.4.6 released: a few fixes, improvements to the contour line algorithm/output, introduction of an OpenGL support for a high quality preview. The OpenGL stuff in the release is of alpha quality is not worth looking at. If you're looking for pretty OpenGL pictures, check back here in a few weeks.
    Also, terraform now has a mailing list! Check the Support page for details.

  • 11 November 1999 -- fixed the broken link to the Gtk-- example programs in the download area. If you're trying to get the hang of programming with Gtk--, these files might be useful examples.

  • 31 October 1999 -- Version 0.4.5 released: fixed up the half finished and buggy Merge dialog and it's operations, plugged a few memory leaks.

  • 28 October 1999 -- Version 0.4.4 released: 2 new dialogs (terrace and merge) as well as a bunch of other fixes and improvements, mostly in the GUI code.

  • 18 October 1999 -- Version 0.4.3 released, which brings you a bunch of fixes, lots of internal memory mangement changes/improvements and an improved main window.

  • 11 October 1999 -- We have a mirror (thanks)! While adding the mirror section, I also added a few links to some interesting terrain related pages.

  • 06 October 1999 -- Put a patch in the download area which fixes the broken POVRay export in 0.4.2.

  • 04 October 1999 -- Version 0.4.2 released. Derived data now expires properly, added --pov_exec flag. Other that that it's mainly a bunch of internal code changes as I went on vacation and had other things on my mind.

    Click here for the GIMP

  • 02 October 1999 -- fixed up the site which had quite a few broken links after the move. Mirror(s) wanted! Unfortunately, this site is now fed through a much slower link. It would be very cool if somebody with some extra disk space and a decent internet connection could provide a mirror.

  • 15 September 1999 -- Version 0.4.1 released. Many minor GUI fixes/improvements, fixed a core dump, more flexible menu code and BMP file support.

  • 30 August 1999 -- Version 0.4.0 released. Terraform now supports a multi-window GUI (like the GIMP) which makes it a lot more flexible.

    Click here for gforge

  • 17 August 1999 -- Version 0.3.8 released. Terraform now compiles with GCC 2.95 and has some better internal memory management code.
  • 10 August 1999 -- Version 0.3.7 released. Fixed a few core dumps and applied some more portability enhancements needed by GCC 2.95. POVRay rendering is now more flexible and a bunch ./configure oddities are now solved.
  • Click here for POVRay

  • 02 August 1999 -- Version 0.3.6 released. Lots of portability enhancements. Documentation is now SGML based and can be readily generated for a variety formats.

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